The information below shows some acceptable combinations of apparel that are in-line with the dress code. We encourage parents and students to review the handbook for specific dress code requirements—however, we have summarized the general guidelines below. 

School Apparel Rules

Why does the college have a uniform policy, where can it be bought and what is the uniform in:

General Uniform Rules – Both Boys and Girls

  • Jerseys may not be pulled over hands, and may not have holes in them to stick thumbs through
  • Jerseys may not be worn around waist or shoulder
  • Shoe laces must be tied properly and not left untied. No fancy adornments or tipex must be on shoes
  • Shoes must be polished
  • No headgears may be worn
  • Dresses and trousers must be of correct length

Boys - Uniform Rules

  • Socks must not be folded over.
  • No pants/shorts must hang lower than the waistline
  • Long sleeve shirts should not be rolled up

Girls - Uniform Rules

  • Skirts should not be rolled up or cut
  • When wearing a long sleeve jersey/pullover, the shirt must be tucked in
  • Length of skirt must be of correct length above the knee

Boys - Winter Wear

  • Official black shoes (not suede) e.g Tughees, Bucaneer, grasshopper
  • Socks – grey/white socks
  • Pants - grey flannel, grey tracksuits Tie

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